Other Experiences

Looking for things to do while in Paphos? We have collated a list of what we believe will make your experience while in Cyprus a lot more enjoyable. We have wrote some articles for every mind and mood categorised for every taste

Solo Traveler

Are you a mountain person or a sea person? We got you covered in any case. Find out some of nature’s hidden gems. Visit and explore our island on your on pace.

Archeology and Museums

Explore and learn about the history of Cyprus. Visit museums and archeological sights. Learn and live through the origins of the sunny island of Cyprus.


Are you looking to widen your gastronomic horizons? Do you want to try some of the islands authentic dishes? Check out some of our suggestions.


Looking for some fun time? Go out relax and maybe have a drink or two. Check out some of the most popular places you can visit in Cyprus.