The weather in Cyprus is with no doubt one of the best climates in the Mediterranean. The average annual temperature is around 24°C with warm temperatures lasting for approximately 8 months. The warm season begins as early as April, and it typically stretches as far as November. This makes Cyprus a destination for visitors from all around the globe and especially from countries where the climate is usually harsher and colder.

Couples, families and even smaller groups of friends visit the island from as early as March-April in order to take advantage of the climate and the warm temperatures. Clear blue skies and the sea breeze makes the hotter months of the summer an absolute joy to experience. Sea temperatures also start to increase during the later months of Spring and visitors can be seen enjoying the sun and the beaches and indulging in the many activities and facilities that operate mostly all around the year because of the warm climate.

In many cases visitors choose to stay even in the winter months being that even the winters in Cyprus are very mild with temperatures ranging between 10-20°C during the day. In the middle of the summer, the climate becomes much hotter, with temperatures averaging 33°C. The beaches of the island become a must visit destination during those months. Thankfully, having many beaches and coastal areas makes the hot months of July and August a pleasant experience and not a concern as with most countries that have such warm climates.

In the unlikely event that the sea and the beaches of the island are not enough to cool visitors off in the summer, Cyprus is also home to many mountains where the weather is much milder with the most well-known one being the mountain of Troodos. It is also the best place to visit if visitors wish to see snow in the winter season. Rain mostly occurs during the 4 remaining months where the temperature starts to decrease but in rare cases it may even rain in the spring or autumn. Being that Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate, the rains are not usually long or heavy, but they are much needed in certain cases for the flora of the island.

Overall, the weather in Cyprus is one of the best in the Mediterranean and Europe in general. Warm summers, mild winters, beaches, lagoons, mountains, hike trails and many more amazing destinations and activities to keep locals and visitors alike, busy and satisfied. From the coastal areas of Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa, to the inland areas of Nicosia and the various towns and villages of the island, the climate is one of the many reasons that visitors have been choosing Cyprus as a destination for many consecutive years.

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