Among the many places to visit while in Paphos, the Old Town is one of the best places a visitor can choose to explore. A place rich in history and culture, with medieval and neoclassical builds, it is located at the heart of Paphos, at the city’s center. With buildings dating back to the 1920s, it was rehabilitated in 2017 to restore public structures and preserve and maintain the historical buildings. It is the perfect blend of historical significance and modernism and is a joy to explore.

While taking a walk through the old town and the city center, visitors will come upon the public library, the Paphos District Archaeological Museum, the town hall and the municipal gardens among other architectural marvels. With inspirations from ancient Greece, the architecture is reminiscent of the Parthenon of Athens with ancient Greek style columns and statuettes all over the area. Various churches and other religious monuments can also be found in the area such as St. Kendeas church, the Ottoman baths and the Ayia Sofia mosque.

Visitors are offered an array of options with coffee shops, clothing stores, souvenir shops, handmade jewelry stores and many other different types of shops which are located right next to the city center on Kennedy square and on Arch. Makarios Avenue, which is the main shopping street of the old town. Kennedy square also hosts many musical events, art exhibitions and various festivities and decorations during Christmas, New Year’s and Easter.

During the daytime, visitors can find the old town market right past Arch. Makarios Avenue which is home to various traditional shops offering local produce, fresh fruit and vegetables for a true Cyprus culinary experience. In the 1920s this is where locals held their market and traded various goods such as meat and fish.

At night, the old town is a sight to behold with many different options for drinks and food such as cafes, lounge bars, taverns and restaurants. Locals can be seen enjoying their time at the old town any day of the week and since its renovation in 2017, it has become a place full of life suitable for all ages.

The old town also hosts various workshops with paintings, porcelain and woodworks inspired by Mediterranean culture with influences from Italy and ancient Greece. Art has always been a significant part of the society of Paphos, and the old town encapsulates this perfectly. Walking through the old town is truly like travelling through time, as you can encounter many paintings and buildings reminiscent of the 1920s, but the area has also been home to an annual event where artists from all over the world are gathered in order to create stunning works of street art. These amazing pieces of art are scattered throughout the old town, so it really pays to explore and witness the expression of self that the artists have brought to life throughout the old town.

The city of Paphos has been rich with culture and historical significance since ancient times and this beauty is captured like no other place in the old town of Paphos. A must visit destination for everyone that has the opportunity to do so.

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