Are you travelling to Cyprus and not sure what plug type is used? In Cyprus almost all the houses are using the same plug sockets. If you are coming from the UK then the news are good. Cyprus and UK have the same plug sockets. It is the type G.

electricity type G socketelectricity type g plug

The type G Power plug is mainly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Arabian Peninsula.

The bad news is that in Cyprus all the electric devices and gadgets do not come with the type G adaptor. So if you are planning to get an electric device make sure to buy a plug adapter.

If you are coming to Cyprus from a country with a different plug type then you will also need to get yourself a plug adapter.

We have collected some of the plug adapters that you can buy to use while you are in Cyprus. The product in this link is for EU to UK/Cyprus plug adapter or in other words a 2 pin plug adaptor to 3 pin. If you are not sure about the type of adapter you use we recommend using this adapter. This adapter is a worldwide to UK/Cyprus plug adapter and most plugs should be compatible with this adapter.

If you are looking for more information around what plugs are used around the world. Visit this website and read more around the plug types used around the world.

Visiting Cyprus and want to know more information about the island check out some of our other informational blog posts.

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